We've got you covered.

With reasonable prices, timely service, and strict attention to details, we offer a full line of services to satisfy almost all your swimming pool's needs. If you're tired of being a slave to your pool, or simply don't have the time, let us do what we do best and you can get back to what you do best... enjoying your pool!

Full Service, "The Works"


This is what we do best. Full Service is offered all year long, so when the time comes for you to enjoy your pool, it's ready for you.

Included in Full Service:

  • Removing all debris from pool's bottom and surface

  • Backwashing filter as needed

  • Cleaning skimmer baskets, hair lint basket, pool sweep bags, and lint trap

  • Chemical testing and water treatment

  • Inspection of equipment for proper working condition


Partial Service


If cleaning your pool's bottom and surface is a task you are willing to undertake, our Partial Service might be right for you.

Included in Partial Service:

  • Cleaning skimmer baskets, hair lint basket, pool sweep bags, and lint trap

  • Chemical testing and water treatment

  • Inspection of equipment for proper working condition


Chemical-Only Service


Maintaining your pool's water balance is a must. Incorrect pH level, alkalinity, calcium hardness, and chlorine levels can cause many long term problems costly repairs. Signs that your pool needs chemical attention include algae growth, pitting of plaster, scaling, and calcium build-up.

Included in Chemical-Only Service:

  • Chemical testing and water treatment


DE Filter Cleaning

Call to schedule, $145 + replacement parts

Keeping up with your pool filtration system is a vital part of pool ownership. We recommend disassembly and cleaning of filters at least twice a year, once in early spring and once in mid to late fall. For a longer life of your filter, contact us to a schedule an appointment.

Included in DE Filter Cleaning:

  • Disassembly, cleaning, and inspection of filtration system

  • Fresh DE provided


Equipment Repair & Upgrades

$145/hour + replacement parts

Since we carry many replacement parts on our trucks, most cases require a single-trip service call. An appointment is not required; if we can access the pool area, we can replace equipment while you are away.

Included in Equipment Repair & Upgrades:

  • Free estimate of repair/upgrade

  • Full facilitation of repair/upgrade, including ordering of parts and installation


Chlorine or Acid Wash

FREE Estimate

Chlorine or acid washes revive pools to their original bright white without the expensive overhaul of a new plaster job. We can examine your pool and give you a free estimate on how to breathe new life into your aging pool.

Included in a Chlorine or Acid Wash:

  • Free assessment and estimate
  • Chlorine wash or acid wash, depending on your pool's plaster condition

Deck-O-Seal® Replacement

Free Estimate

Mastic replacement is one of our specialties. A worn-out or separating seal between the deck and coping can allow water to accumulate and eventually cause thousands of dollars in damages to your surrounding pool area. Since all pools are not the same size or shape, give us a call today and we'll come and measure the pool perimeter and give you a free estimate.

Included in Deck-O-Seal® Replacement:

  • Free assessment and estimate
  • Replacement of mastic rubber in your choice of color (white, gray, or tan)

Home Buyer Inspection

call to schedule, $185

General home inspectors will be able to give a general overview of your pool's condition, but we have the expert knowledge to give you the specifics. We have the answers to your questions, and our advice is always free. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Included in Home Buyer Inspection:

  • Thorough equipment inspection (plumbing, electrical, heating system, lights, motors, pumps, filter, sweeper, water balance)

  • Free estimate of repairs and upgrades


Owner Instruction, “Pool School”

call to schedule, $165

New pool owners often have many questions about their pool. We'll answer all your questions about maintenance, how things work, and how to best enjoy your pool. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Included in Owner Instruction:

  • Personalized info on your pool/spa functionality

  • General maintenance and care info


Estimates & Advice


Estimates to correct your pool problem are free and can most often be remedied by the next business day. We'll make them as accurate as possible and in most cases, estimates are guaranteed. Advice is always free, and it's just a phone call or message away.